Beaten, Stabbed and Left for Dead

A San Diego family is mourning the brutal murder of their loved one.

The victim, Morteza Tajik, 55, was a local deliveryman for Napa Auto parts.  He was making a late-night delivery near Yuma, Arizona when he was attacked and killed.

Jose Gonzalo Nunez Junior, 20, and Israel Martinez, 21, two alleged gang members, are facing murder charges for the crime.  The Tajik family was in Yuma court Tuesday to look the accused killers in the eye.

Sunya Tajik says her father was a dedicated family man whose life was cut short by an act of senseless violence.

"I want the court to know that this is my Father. He's not just a victim. He was my Father. This is my Father who'll I'll never see again. Do not let these people see their child because I will never see my Father again. My Father will never walk me down the aisle because of what they did to him," Sunya Tajik said.

The Tajik family lives in Rancho Penasquitos.  For the last 12 years Morteza made deliveries for Napa Auto Parts to Yuma County and the Imperial Valley.  He worked out of the Napa Auto Parts distribution center on Convoy Court.

"It wasn't something we were prepared for, or expected.  I know he'll be missed not only by myself but the people who work here and his family, our hopes and prayers go out to them," Napa Operations Manager Brandon Wilson said.

According to police, Tajik was making a late night delivery last Thursday in the town of Somerton, just outside of Yuma, when he was attacked.  Police say he was beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed to death.

"They killed him within 30 minutes of him arriving at his job. They left him there to die.  My father, a 55-year-old, defenseless man was stabbed to death and left on the road to die," Sunya Tajik said.

Police in Arizona are still looking for another man wanted for questioning in connection with the crime.

Bail for the suspects was set at $3 million. A court hearing is scheduled for June 16 and 17 in Yuma.

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