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AT&T Expands 5G Mobile Service in San Diego

The fifth generation wireless technology will create instantaneous speeds that connect more than just computers, phones and tablets and have the ability spark the next wave innovation

More San Diego-area AT&T customers will have access to 5G service as the network expands its coverage to tens of millions of customers across five U.S. cities. 

The service will launch over low-band spectrum and will have select coverage areas in its inital rollout, according to the company. Customers will be required to have a 5G compatible device to utilize the service. Check out the coverage area here

The complany plans to expand 5G service to parts of 30 cities by early 2020. 

AT&T's 5G service first became available in San Diego last December to a small percentage of its customer base through mobile hotspots, not on 5G phones, according to published reports. The company, in April, expanded its service to include business customers. 

Customers that have AT&T's Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite plans will have access to 5G at no extra cost.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless both announced 5G plans for San Diego in April.

Verizon partnered with the city of San Diego to expand Smart City capabilities within the city. The partnership gave San Diego police and firefighters hundreds of new mobile devices that will improve critical incident communication, San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit said.

The network and other developers have said the fifth generation wireless technology will spark the next wave innovation. 

Broadband uses several high-speed transmission technologies to provide the consumer with the fastest internet speeds. But 5G will create instantaneous speeds that connect more than just computers, phones and tablets; The network could link robots, cars and other sensor-equipped products and infrastructure, NBC News reported. 

To put it in perspective, 2G allowed us to send text messages, 3G connected us to the Internet, 4G made that practice faster. Developers say 5G will change our world

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