As COVID-19 Spreads, Escondido Parents Worry About Upcoming School Year

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For students in the Escondido Union High School District (EUHSD), the start of the school year is just days away and while most students are excited about returning to the classroom:

“I'm excited to go back,” said Mae Chew, senior at Orange Glen High School.

“I am pretty excited because I missed a whole seven months of my year last time,” said Savannah Mafabon, junior at Escondido High School.

Some parents can't help but feel concerned over the rise in COVID-19 cases in our community.

“Part of me is excited that she’ll get to go back and have that in-person experience, but I also have trepidation because I think the delta variant is something we need to take seriously,” said Mickey Chew, Mae’s father.

Over the last few days, San Diego County has consistently reported over 1,000 new COVID-19 cases daily.

“I certainly have concerns over the fact that it doesn't seem there's going to be the same amount of distancing. Class sizes seem to be going back to, I don't know if you can say normal, but what they've always been," Chew said.

But while social distancing will no longer be enforced at schools, masks will be required in all indoor settings regardless of vaccination.

“I'm okay with it, but not okay with it,” said Malfabon.

A small inconvenience that went paired with returning to the classroom she says is well worth it.

Still, experts warn parents that with their students returning to the classroom outbreaks are inevitable. 

"There is no question we're going to see outbreaks in schools with this delta variant,” said Dr. Michael Osterholm, Ph.D., an epidemiologist. “The question is how many and how big will they get. "

The best way to keep your family protected he adds is to make sure you're vaccinated and continue to mask up.

Escondido Union High School District's first day of school is Aug. 10.

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