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Army Corps of Engineers' Backlog to Delay Removal of Test Bombs in Clairemont Area

The new timetable set by the Army Corps of Engineers to clear the area is 2085

Residents in Clairemont will have to wait quite some time for the removal of old test bombs in their community.

The new timetable set by the Army Corps of Engineers is 2085.

On Thursday night, residents of Clairemont gathered at a town council meeting to talk face-to-face with representatives from the Army Corps of Engineering.

“I'm just kind of stuck is what I'm feeling,” said Janet Lancaster.

She first got a notice from the Department of Defense earlier this year. It stated the area was once used as a test bombing site. Pilots would drop bombs full of sand with a shotgun charge to practice their accuracy in the 1930s and 1940s.

A representative from the Army Corps of Engineers said money is the main reason for the long delay in remediation. It has to prioritize its resources.

These situations are usually rated on a scale of one to eight. The lower the number, the more dangerous it is--Clairemont is a five.

Now, these munitions are dangerous and potentially.

But because Clairemont is already such a developed area, the Army Corps of Engineers believes the risk of one turning up is low.

Still, that doesn’t help Janet Lancaster.

“In a couple of years, my husband and I will retire and I will probably sell the house so that we can travel and I have a concern about the property value because this has to be disclosed,” Lacaster said.

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