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A Magnificent SoundDiego LIVE

SoundDiego LIVE returns to the Casbah tomorrow night!

In the infamous words of the Clash: Rock the Casbah!

We'll be doing just that as SoundDiego LIVE returns to the legendary Kettner and Laurel spot tomorrow night (Friday, Jan. 19) with 91x's Tim Pyles hosting and a Belching Beaver Brewery craft-beer happy hour!

For our 57th party (wowzers, has it been that many!?!), we're headed back to the Casbah to kick off the new year in style -- as we have for the last five years! It's a tradition worthy of continuing because not only do we have a great lineup for you to enjoy, we'll have happy-hour freebies for those who RSVP and hey, it's at one of best rock joints in the entire country! Can't beat that.

(The guest list is now closed; the event is subject to capacity, but the event is free and open to the public)

Now in its 28th year, the Casbah has been at the forefront of rock music since it opened its doors as the Pink Panther back in the day. The sheer number of huge acts that have graced its stage is mind-boggling (Nirvana, the White Stripes, the Cult, the National, the Black Keys, and Arcade Fire, to name just a few), making it not only one of the greatest treasures here in San Diego, but in the entire nation, too.

Of course, our Casbah show wouldn't be complete without being hosted by the club's resident booker/local-music guru, Tim Pyles -- who you can hear on 91x Loudspeaker from 7-10 p.m. every Sunday night! And if you've ever been to one of our SoundDiego LIVE shindigs, you'll know that we'll be offering happy hour freebies to those who RSVP beforehand, courtesy of our craft-beer party partner Belching Beaver Brewery!

We've also got some very special guests booked to perform at this one. We'll let Pyles do the honors.

"Do you ever feel the music taking you over and the next thing you know, you're dancing like a whirling dervish without a care in the world?" Pyles mused. "You better wear your dancing shoes come Jan. 19 and truly experience the Magnificent -- a powerhouse funk-soul revue! The band is actually sort of a supergroup, featuring members of several bands, like frontman Mighty Manfred of the Woggles, to name-drop one.... OK, one more: Their drummer is Todd Westover of the Bellrays! Sounds like a dance party to me."

In addition to that headlining action, we've tapped Thee Allyrgic Reaction to play as well. Pyles is stoked: "If you like '60s-style garage punk like I do, you should be at this show!" Don't worry, you can leave the Claritin at home. 

If those two groups weren't enough, we've also booked another one of our favorite local bands: Bad Kids.

"Imperial Beach, where Bad Kids are from, is a hotbed of talent -- and these guys don't disappoint," Pyles said. "I’ve booked them regularly at the Casbah; they're beach punk with great hooks!"

The party starts with DJ GirlGroupGirl and our craft-beer happy hour at 8:30 p.m., so be sure to show up early for some Belching Beaver suds! Remember: You've got to RSVP to partake of the happy-hour freebies, so get on it!

(The guest list is now closed; the event is subject to capacity, but the event is free and open to the public)

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