San Diego Boy, 3, Battling Cancer, Meets Singer Blanco Brown

A San Diego toddler shared a special hug with "The Git Up" singer Blanco Brown; meeting Brown was the boy's biggest dream

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Imagine coming face to face with your favorite singer. And then, sharing a hug. That's exactly the memorable moment one 3-year-old boy in San Diego experienced Thursday.

Cristian Fiorello, who is battling cancer, had a chance to meet "The Git Up" singer Blanco Brown at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego.

According to Cristian's mom, Lauren Fiorello, Brown's catchy, hit song is always playing at her house. Cristian likes to hear it on repeat, every day.

“I love this song, but I was like, 'Please, can we play any other Blanco song?'” Lauren Fiorello said, laughing.

She said Cristian first heard the song when his relatives played it as their first song at their wedding. He's been hooked ever since.

She said he also listens and watches other music videos featuring Blanco Brown. So, the boy's fandom runs deep.

A 3-year-old diagnosed with cancer had the chance to meet his music idol Blanco Brown.

Cristian was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia a few days after his third birthday. The family recently shared with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Random Acts of Light” Campaign that Cristian big dream was to meet his favorite singer.

The Random Acts of Light campaign sent Brown an email about Cristian.

Right away, the singer knew he wanted to meet Cristian, too.

“As soon as I read the email, I said, 'Let’s definitely make it happen because it’ll be my joy to be there.' So I’m glad I came,” Brown told NBC 7 at his meeting with Cristian Thursday.

The family met Brown after a soundcheck for his concert in San Diego.

Cristian was very shy in front of the NBC 7 cameras but as soon as Brown walked up to him, the boy quickly reached out to Brown.

They even started dancing.

“I feel so grateful and I can’t believe this is happening,” Lauren Fiorello said, watching her son live out his dream.

“I would say I am winning, I get a lot out of seeing someone smile,” Brown said. “I am just thankful that I am able to be part of this platform and being able to make a difference.”

Cristian is expected to be in treatment for another two and a half years.

Cancer patient meets singer blanco brown
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