2011 Falls Short on the Water Scale

San Diego fell short of the average by 1.26 inches


The official rainfall totals for 2011 are in, and despite several impressive storms, it was a year that fell below average.

From January 2011 to January 2012, San Diego’s Lindbergh Field measured 9.08 inches of rain. Compared to a yearly average of 10.34 inches, the city fell short by 1.26 inches.

So what can we expect as we enter 2012?

“Though January is typically the wettest month for San Diego County (with an average of seven days of measurable rain), I see no rain in the forecast the first week,” said Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh. “The jet stream has been driving all precipitation far to the north, but it’s worth pointing out, that it is trending closer to our area, and this could change things next week.”

January and February typically bring the lowest average daytime high temperatures of the year, around 65.1 degrees. In January, we tend to see the coldest overnight temperatures (near 49 degrees), though Lindbergh Field has only dropped below 32 degrees 9 times since record keeping began in 1872.

The coldest we have ever been at Lindbergh Field in January (since record-keeping began) is 25 degrees on January 7, 1913. The warmest we have ever been is 88 degrees on January 10, 1953.

Meantime, we are enjoying above average temperatures for the first couple of days in January.

“Typically in January, the sun shines 72 percent of the time, and we are obviously well on our way to meeting that average,” said Kodesh.

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