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Bystanders Help Rescue Couple in Chula Vista Rollover

Rescue crews had to cut off the top of the vehicle to reach the victims



    Bystanders Help Rescue Couple in Chula Vista Rollover

    Good Samaritans, including a local nurse, came to the rescue of two elderly patients who were trapped inside a rolled car in Chula Vista Monday. 

    A man and woman were driving near Cedar Avenue and D Street around 12:10 p.m. when they may have hit a curb, causing the car to tilt, said Chula Vista Police Sgt. Mike Varga. 

    Their vehicle flipped over onto its side, trapping them inside. 

    Bystanders rushed to help them, and among them was nurse Katherine Bynon who works for an ambulance company. 

    "I was in the house. I heard a great big crash, and then I heard a bunch of people screaming, and I ran out, and there was a car on it's side," said Bynon. 

    She ordered the others to keep the man still and hold up the car so it would not topple to the ground with the couple inside. 

    Then, Bynon lay on the ground -- also in danger if the car had rolled -- to check on the man and keep him calm. 

    "I was trying to mainly see if the gentleman's neck was OK. People were trying to move him, which is probably not a good thing to do, and then fire guys came and stabilized him," Bynon recounted.

    Fire crews had to cut off the entire roof from the vehicle to pull the two out of the car. 

    Both were taken to UC San Diego Medical Center for moderate injuries, Varga said. 

    Onlooker Aracely Ayala caught part of the rescue on camera, posting the video to her Facebook page.