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1 Dead, 1 Injured in Cliff Fall in La Jolla

Firefighters responded to Torrey Pines Scenic Drive near N Torrey Pines Road Wednesday just before midnight.

A man died and a woman was injured when they fell hundreds of feet down a cliff at Torrey Pines Glider Point, a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. 

Firefighters responded to Torrey Pines Scenic Drive near N Torrey Pines Road  Wednesday just before midnight. The area near the Salk Institute is just west of the UC San Diego campus.

Crews said the injured woman was the one who called for help, but her cell phone battery died shortly after the call, complicating the response. 

Firefighters used the GPS in the woman's phone to find her about 75 feet below the edge of the cliff. They repelled down the hill to help the injured woman back up.

A rescue helicopter helped crews find the man she was with, about 125 feet below. By the time crews arrived, he had already died. 

The woman was in the hospital being treating for minor injuries.

Firefighters said the man and woman are 23 years old.

Both are believed to be students at UC San Diego, a spokesperson for the school said. The spokesperson declined to comment further until family can be notified. 

Students at the school said the death of a possible classmate is already having an impact on their decisions at the cliffs. 

"We always warn each other, but we don't actually think it's going to happen, but actually hearing that is just a reality check," said Salomen Ashaq.

The Medical Examiner has not released the name of the man who died. 

No other information was available.

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