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San Diego Family Sees Lifeline in Possibility of Stimulus Check

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After a lot of back and forth between Pres. Donald Trump's, his negotiating team and Congress, there has been a lot of confusion over what will happen with stimulus negotiations.

Lost in that discussion, though, are the people who need help and are now in limbo. 

La Mesa resident Natalie Jessop lives with her husband and 1-year-old son, Mikey. She told NBC 7 on Wednesday that the pandemic has made her family's situation difficult and she is now in desperate for financial help. She said she has been counting on a second stimulus check.

The family has wanted move into a bigger place for some time, but, like many others, COVID-19 has taken a toll on their finances. 

“It's stressful," Jessop said.

The downward spiral began when Mikey's dad got laid off in June. The family was forced to take out a loan to survive the next couple of months. Then, earlier this month Michael Sr. was able to find a new job with a moving company but the pay has not been enough to make rent some months. 

“We're always a couple hundred short," Jessop said.

When asked what the possibility of another stimulus check would mean for the family, Jessop said the following: “[We could clear] up the loan, get [Mikey] new clothes because he's always growing, and if we're able to pay this loan, hopefully he won't have all these marks on his credit and we can get a bigger place."

Jessop said the last stimulus check was  a lifeline.

“It was very helpful,” Jessop said. “We were able to get groceries, buy him clothes."

While the possibility of a second stimulus check remains up in the air, the Jessop family has no other choice but to try to stay positive. 

“We'll find a way -- we'll figure it out,” Jessop said. “And I've learned to pray, because, well, you just have to trust everything will work out."

With each passing day, it's still unclear whether the gridlock on stimulus relief will end.

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