Animals for Armed Forces Weekend

Adoption fees will be waived at the Helen Woodward Animal Center for military members over two thanks-filled days.

THINKING OF MILITARY MEMBERS, and thanking military members, are kind acts that can be done throughout the calendar, but come Memorial Day Weekend, many businesses and non-profits take the time to show their gratitude and do something a bit extra, and full of heart, for those who serve. The Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe is one such organization, and how they show their gratitude is so sweet, and so lasting, that those who participate can expect to yield the tender gifts for years to come. The place should be a giveaway as to what's happening: The animal center is the spot to adopt a new buddy for life. And, as it has done in past years, Helen Woodward will waive adoption fees for military families over not one but two days in 2018: Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27. The only thing to cover? The microchip fee, which is $32. "Patriotic Paws Salute the US Military," is the heartwarmer of a headline, so clear a bit of your day over the first two thirds of Memorial Day Weekend and go...

FALL IN LOVE... with a furry snuggler. Animals for Armed Forces Foundation are also behind the promotion, which is all about "... uniting orphan pets with military heroes." But this isn't the only give-back effort on behalf of the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Several dozen veterans, some 60 to 70, take part in the center's Pet Encounter Therapy each month, which is all about "... utilizing therapeutic animals to help lower blood pressure, even breathing, improve memory, and lift the spirits of wounded soldiers." And the center's Companion Hospital features a military fund, which offers "deep discounts" as well as complimentary services. To learn more about the center's military-focused programs that happen all year long, check in with a staff member, for more details, while visiting. To find your new best buddy, be sure to call upon the Rancho Santa Fe animal-sweet spot on May 26 and 27, and don't forget your identification.

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