food and drink Sep 17

​​Find 700 Different Types of Soda at Galco's

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop is one of the few stores in the world with over 700 different types of soda. “California Live” speaks to a “soda sommelier” to learn about how this once-Italian grocery turned in...

  • sweet tooth Aug 26

    Forget Froyo & Boba – Pudding is Now the Go-to Dessert

    California Live is setting a new trend when it comes to dessert experiences – Pudding! We found a hidden gem in Venice called Pudu Pudu. The concept is German, the ingredients are oh-so fresh, and the pudding is simply edible art.

  • sweet tooth Aug 26

    The Secret Spot Celebrities Visit to Tickle their Sweet Tooth

    Are you ready for a sugar rush? California Live Host Danielle Nottingham found the sweet spot at Sugar Factory – where the stars are soaking up the sugar high.

  • sweet tooth Aug 25

    Happy National Banana Split Day

    We are going bananas today! California Live Host Malou Nubla is celebrating this sweet day at Fentons Creamery. She’s got the scoop on this Oakland favorite that’s been serving up ice cream for more than 100 years!

  • Activities for Kids Aug 24

    Calling all Tiny Chefs: There's a Kid-Size Kitchen for You

    Culinary arts aren’t just for adults – some kids are just pint-sized chefs in the making. California Live takes you inside the Little Kitchen Academy, a Montessori-style cooking class for children 3 and up.

  • food and drink Aug 24

    Tempt Your Taste Buds with a ‘True Italian Taste'

    Buon appetito! California Live is sampling some delicious and authentic Italian fare as part of the three-day True Italian Taste. Participating restaurants in LA include Angelini Osteria, N10 and Rossoblu. Viva Italia!

  • Restaurants Jul 19

    At Descanso Your Mexican Meal Is Cooked in Front of You

    If you’ve been to Mexico, chances are you saw street side or beach side tacos and veggies being grilled up right in front of you. “California Live” visits Descano restaurant—a modern taqueria that applied this educational concept to their dining experience. Watch to get Mexican cooking tricks and tips and how to (safely) play with fire.
  • food Jul 7

    Take a Chocolate Factory Tour

    Attention chocolate lovers, this is the kind of tour you’ll pay attention to. “California Live” visits the TCHO chocolate factory in Berkeley to witness the beautiful production process behind chocolate making and learns about the science and ingredients that craft each piece. Bonus, the tour ends with a chocolate tasting.

  • recipes Jun 30

    Celebrity Chef Tanya Holland Pairs Wine and Food

    “California Live” gets in the kitchen with award-winning chef, Tanya Holland. She shows us how to pair food and drink favorites—California-inspired soul food with sparkling wine. Watch to get the ingredients to her tasty potato salad and more.

  • explore Jun 30

    How to Pick the Perfect Cherry

    With summer upon us, berries are ripe and ready to be picked. “California Live” visits
    Vornhagen Farms to learn about the different varieties of cherries at the height of cherry season. Watch to check out the farm and learn fun facts about cherry growing, like that it takes five years for a tree to produce its first cherry.

  • recipes Jun 25

    Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe

    Sheet pan pancakes may be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Instead of standing in the kitchen flipping pancakes over and over, nutritionist Ashley Reinke-Hawk shows “California Live” how to make one large, low-maintenance, pancake that quickly cooks in the oven. Watch to get the recipe with colorful toppings to liven up your summer....
  • father's day Jun 19

    3 Best Grilling Recipes for Father's Day

    If you’re planning to grill for Father’s Day, Chef Jamie Gwen has got you covered with three grilling recipes. Gwen shows “California Live” the secret ingredients and cooking styles to get the best flavor out of high-protein courses, including chicken wings, flank steak, and shrimp. Plus, watch and find out how to use the grill to optimize texture ...
  • Restaurants Jun 8

    La Cha Cha Chá Brings Mexico City to LA's Arts District

    In recent years Los Angeles’ Arts District has become a trendy place for innovative new restaurant concepts and experiences. Now the vibrant downtown neighborhood is harnessing Mexico City at La Cha Cha Chá. “California Live” goes to check out the lush rooftop and unique menu. Watch to get the tour of the new hot spot.

  • Art May 25

    Ever Heard of Pancake Art?

    Move over Mickey Mouse pancakes, Get Caked LA is flipping pancakes that take on many characters including your dog’s face, company logo, favorite cartoon, and more. “California Live” meets the very entrepreneurial founder Jasmine Rezonable who launched Get Caked LA with zero artistry experience. Watch the live tutorial on how to make your own panca...
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