PICS: Goo Goo Dolls at House of Blues

Alternative pop/rock masters Goo Goo Dolls dizzy up the House of Blues in this new gallery from their recent San Diego show.

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Fatima Kelley
Goo Goo Dolls headlined House of Blues on Thursday, Nov. 8.
Fatima Kelley
The band formed in the mid-1980s in Buffalo, New York.
Fatima Kelley
Guitarist/vocalist Johnny Rzeznik, bassist/vocalist Robby Takac and drummer George Tutuska are the band's founding members.
Joe Stiglich
They parted ways with Tutuska in the mid-1990s.
Warner Bros.
Mike Malinin would become the official drummer until 2013.
Sea Glass Festival
They really rose to prominence with the movie "City of Angels," starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.
Fatima Kelley
Before he wrote "Iris," the most popular song from the movie's soundtrack, Rzeznik was experiencing severe writer's block.
Fatima Kelley
In fact, he was thinking about quitting Goo Goo Dolls right before that monumental success.
Joanne K. Watson/Merriam-Webster via Getty Images
On this tour, the band is commemorating "Dizzy Up the Girl," the album on which "Iris" was featured.
Antioch PD
This year marks 20 years since the release of their most successful album ever.
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