Lady Brain Trust

Lady Brain, an amazing group of musicians, continue their support of one another in challenging times

Astra Kelly
John Hancock

There's this amazing group of women who go by the name of Lady Brain. Think of it as a sisterhood of musicians who all separately book shows and events but who also come together for live shows, like their recent takeover at Whistle Stop for an all-ladies version of the Flim-Flam Revue or their Lady Brain Fest, which took place last July.

With circumstances as they are, the ladies have once again proven to be a force to be reckoned with in their support of one another and their encouragement of people in the community who can help to do so. Here you can find an evolving list of some of the Lady Brain artists, each with various links that let you help them directly, whether buying their music or merch, or a straight donation via apps like Venmo.

Of course, in times of need, they satisfy our need for music, too, like singer/songwriter Astra Kelly, who has been playing some livestream shows from home while soliciting requests and tips. Today, you can catch her doing another event at 4 p.m. via her Facebook page.

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Lady Brain founder Lindsay White explained the genesis of the group last year while promoting the festival: “Our members are all about taking action to create opportunities where they don’t normally exist. Since male-fronted acts routinely get the lion’s share of festival bookings, we ...[challenge] those norms while celebrating intersectional Lady Brain talent that is inclusive of a range of ages, cultures, sexualities and music genres.”

Among it's members are San Diego Music Award nominees and past winners Lindsay White, Whitney Shay, Chloe Lou, Laura Jane and many others. Support the women individually or the group as a whole with your donations in a time when we could all use a little bit of extra love.

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