Why Are There No Groupon Concert Deals?

Bob Seger Viejas Arena 2.25.15 (17)
John Hancock

Groupon, an online platform for collective action, offers daily deals at ridiculously low prices through group purchasing. For example, today's San Diego deal -- offered by the San Diego Padres -- is a Padres field ticket, hot dog soda, and Padres hat for the low price of $24 (a $50 value). In order to take advantage of the 52 percent savings, you have to be one of the first 50 people to purchase the package before it expires at the end of the day.

Knowing a lot of Groupon addicts -- present company included -- I have yet to see a live music venue or promoter use this powerhouse of a platform to move concert tickets to slow-selling shows (or, to push for a sellout). It could be a complete oversight on my part, but digging deeper into recent deals for San Diego, the only area of live entertainment being served is theater. Oh, and a singing telegram from Lip Service.

In fairness, local concert venues and promoters have been very smart about reaching out to local bloggers and music enthusiasts for promotion and marketing help, but with everyone looking for a good deal on the Internet, the time to adopt the Groupon model is now.  

Here's a thought: It would be great to get a ticket to Kings of Leon at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, hot dog, large beer and a piece of KOL merch for $24. Sadly, no such deal is yet available.

Together, we could save some cash on the concert experience during a tight economy.

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