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Dog Weed-Whacked at Dallas Dog Park

City contractor fires employee and apologizes after incident



    A three-year-old Boxer named Ellie is recovering from about a dozen cuts on her chest after a city contractor attacked her with a gas-powered weed eater at a North Dallas dog park, witnesses said. (Published Monday, Aug. 5, 2013)

    A dog is recovering after a city contractor attacked her with a weed whacker at a Dallas dog park.

    The three-year-old Boxer named Ellie received about a dozen cuts on her chest after a city contractor attacked her with a gas-powered weed eater at a North Dallas dog park, witnesses said.

    The incident happened Wednesday at the North Bark dog park near the Bush Turnpike.

    According to at least two witnesses, the worker used the weed eater to lunge at Ellie and a few other dogs when they got close to him. The other animals were not injured.

    "Ellie jumped back and yelped. I mean you could hear it hit,” said George Schneider, who was taking care of Ellie for her owners, Archie and Jennifer David.

    Ellie's owners took the picture below.

    Schneider said the attack was unprovoked and the dog was not threatening the worker.

    "To hit a defenseless animal, that gets to me,” Schneider said.

    The landscaping contractor wasn’t even supposed to be there that day.

    Dallas city spokesman Frank Librio said the mowing should be done on Tuesdays when the park is closed for maintenance.

    The contractor, Good Earth Landscaping, has promised not to make the same mistake again, Librio said.

    The company sent a supervisor after several people at the park called police.

    The worker was immediately fired and the company apologized. It also offered to pay Ellie’s veterinarian bills, give a pet shop gift card to Ellie’s owners, and make a donation to an animal charity.

    “I have a dog too,” said Good Earth supervisor Emily Points.

    Ellie’s owners said they accept the company’s apology.

    "I don't think the company could have responded any better,” said Archie David.

    “People need to be aware if they see animal cruelty, they do need to report it, because people do care,” said Jennifer David.

    Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Melinda Gutierrez referred initial questions to Librio because the case involves allegations of animal cruelty, which are handled by the city’s animal control department.

    Librio said he did not know if the worker received a citation, and police did not respond to further requests for information.

    The Davids said police do appear to be pursuing the case and have asked for photos of the injuries and copies of vet records.

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