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Warren Smith Joins Sports Wrap OT

The President and CEO of the first year USL team discusses their arrival, the franchise's vision, and its big name manager Landon Donovan.

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A brand new professional soccer team debuts in San Diego on March 7th, and Warren Smith is a big reason why.

The President and CEO of the San Diego Loyal stopped by NBC 7 to discuss their upcoming debut season on Sports Wrap OT.

"It's not brain surgery for us," Smith said. "We just need to really put on exciting events, have a good team and I think Landon (Donovan) is doing a good job in building that."

Smith had more to say about his big name manager. Donovan was also a driving force in creating the Loyal, and will be the team's first head coach.

"He doesn't want to do this anywhere else. It just happens to be that he's living here and this is an opportunity in front of him and he really wants to make a difference for the people of San Diego."

Smith also spoke to Sports Wrap OT host Darnay Tripp about the possibility of the Loyal making the jump to MLS and their upcoming matchup with the Xolos.

You can catch Sports Wrap OT every Sunday at midnight.

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