Try Not to Be Dazzled

The buzz around the new Padres management includes that blond, blue-eyed NFL super star. But Padres die-hards are warning you, don't be fooled.

Former agent Jeff Moorad was introduced as CEO and vice chairman of the San Diego Padres on Thursday, and confirmed that former NFL star Troy Aikman is a limited partner in his ownership group.

The buzz around the new Padres management includes that blonde haired blue-eyed NFL super star, Troy Aikman. What’s the football great know about baseball?

Aikman is described as a minority owner.

What San Diegans, and San Diego’s sports writers, will be watching is what Moorad does with a team that’s in a serious funk.

As Jay Paris pointed out, he’s the man who was a partner in the firm that represented Ryan Leaf – hey, thanks for that Jeff.

He looks just like outgoing owner John Moores, according to Tim Sullivan, with exception to his facial hair, and that has Sullivan questioning whether anything is really going to change for Padres fans.

Several other businessmen are involved in Moorad's group, which took control of approximately 35% of the club from John Moores when papers were signed on Wednesday. Moorad's group expects to own 100% within five years in a deal that could top out at around $500 million.

Moorad has been a partner with Aikman, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in a NASCAR venture.

Several local businessmen also are involved in the group. Moorad said he wanted to make sure the group didn't become too unwieldy. In the early 1990s, the Padres were owned by the so-called "Gang of 15" headed by TV producer Tom Werner, which presided over a purge of most of the team's stars.

"Really, by design, we put together a group of friends and acquaintances who share both a passion for baseball and a passion for business," Moorad said during a news conference at home plate at Petco Park.

Other limited partners confirmed by Moorad are Alfred B. Baldwin, Richard Barry, Dan and Denise Costa, Patrick and Joanne Graham, John M. McEvoy, Robert M. Piccinini, Jay D. Stein, Wayne T. Seltzer and Tom Davin.

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