Padres Use Kid Gloves With Kouzmanoff

3rd baseman slowly recovering from shoulder surgery

In just two days the Padres play their first spring game. It's an exhibition against the Mariners in Peoria. Their first official game is Friday against the Indians.

The Padres have decided to take things slowly with 3rd baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff, who had some work done on his shoulder in the off-season. He'll start Cactus-practice games as the D-H.

Kooz is making 40 throws a day to get his arm back in shape. Thanks to the World Baseball Classic, he'll have an extra week to prepare and expects to be fully functional for Opening Day against the Dodgers.

One thing that will help him if the arm isn't quite 100% is having a Gold Glove winner like Adrian Gonzalez at first to save any errant throws.

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