Padres Andy Green Talks Contract Extension

The San Diego Padres have signed Manager Andy Green to a contract extension. The contract will keep Green with the Padres through the 2021 season. On Monday, Green made his first comments in San Diego since signing his new contract.

The San Diego Padres have signed Manager Andy Green to a contract extension that will keep him with the Major League Baseball team through the 2021 season.

The contract extension was formally announced Sunday while the Padres were playing in Los Angeles.  Monday afternoon, Green was all smiles in the Padres dugout at Petco Park when asked about the contract extension.

 “I’m excited about it for sure, why wouldn’t you want to be here in San Diego! My mindset has always been long term here in San Diego. It’s always been to build something special, so having something formal on paper, that feels good, it feels good to have a show of faith from A.J. (A.J. Preller, Padres General Manger) and ownership.”

Padres catcher Austin Hedges said Green’s contract extension was pleasing news to players in the Padres clubhouse.

“Green does a good job of uniting everybody. I think he’s got a good relationship on an individual basis with everybody.  He’s approachable, if you have a question or concern, you can go to him easily. I think he manages the game great on the field and I love playing for him.”

Green is in his second season as Padres manager.  San Diego is currently in 4th place in the National League West with a record of 51-66.  In Green’s first season as manager the Padres finished with a record of 68-94.

Green’s contract extension is in line with the Padres overall organizational plan, build with young players, build for the future, so the team is ready to win in 3 or 4 years.

“It definitely adds some clarity of direction for everybody in the outside world and for the guys in clubhouse, this is who we’re building with, this is where we’re headed  and this is what we intend to do,” said Green.

Both the manager and players said clubhouse consistency and familiarity are important elements  needed for the Padres long term plan to pan out

Hedges was effusive in his praise that Green is the right man to lead the Padres into this next era, “I think we have a bright future here with a lot of room to grow, and with Green at the lead, I think no one would rather have anybody else.”

Green said, “I think there’s nothing more gratifying than the belief that you are going to build something very special for fans that are starved for something very special and to get to play a part in that is where all the excitement comes from.”

The San Diego Padres have not made the playoffs since the 2006 season and have never won a World Series. Will Andy Green be the manager to end the Padres post season drought? Only time will tell, but history has not been kind to Padre Managers.

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