Padres 2009 Season Predictions

Some say that March is the greatest month of the year in San Diego. It's not too hot or too cold, tourism hasn't hit full swing, and, according to Discover SD blogger Nick McCann, the Padres still have a shot at winning the World Series.

McCann offers up some tongue-in-cheek predictions for the 2009 San Diego Padres Season, which oddly enough doesn't include tickets to the World Series. But then again, it's still March which means there's still hope for our beloved Padres.

Coming into the season, there are no more questions about the future of Jake Peavy or the releability of Trevor Hoffman. Peavy is here to stay and Hoffman is now a Brewer. There are also some new additions to the roster like second baseman David Eckstein.

If the Pad's someway, somehow make it to the World Series, it will be a story of a scrappy young team of underdogs, says McCann. This probably won't happen though. But it's still March, and there's still hope.

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