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#OnFriar Podcast: What Will a 60-Game Season Look Like?

Baseball statisitician Ryan Spaeder breaks down the statistical numbers for MLB's 2020 return

Baseball, more than any other game, loves its statistics. When Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961 baseball placed an * by it in the record books because he did it in a 162-game season and Babe Ruth hit 60 dingers in a 154 game season.

So what are baseball's stats going to look like in 2020 with a 60-game slate? Can anyone hit .400? Will a relief pitcher lead the league in wins? Will anyone hit more than 25 home runs? And most importantly, will anyone care when it's all put into historical context?

That's our focus on this week's OnFriar Podcast. Author, statistician, baseball nut and former Marine Ryan Spaeder joins NBC 7's Derek Togerson and Todd Strain to talk about milestones that might not be reached, how this could be a very good thing for the Padres, and why a former San Diego State star is being kept out of the Hall of Fame just because of the position he played.

You can find Ryan at @theaceofspaeder on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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