Warner Puts Up MVP Numbers While Leinart Can't Even Get on Field for Mop-Up Duty

It seems absurd to think that some five years after Kurt Warner's NFL career was left for dead in New York, he's not only still playing, but he's in the MVP conversation. Frankly, I'd have an easier time believing that Peter King broke it off with Brett Favre.

But here we are, at the midway point of the 2008 season, and Warner is, statistically, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. According to Football Outsiders, he ranks second in QB efficiency behind only Drew Brees (Favre, meanwhile, ranks 24th behind the likes of Gus Frerotte and Dan Orlovsky).

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhuntfully supports Warner's candidacy: "I certainly think he should be given consideration for it, absolutely," [he said] said Monday, in response to a reporter's question. "He's playing at a high level."

So hooray for old guys who still use hair gel and sport the perpetual well-groomed five o'clock shadow.

Warner's success leads to the inevitable questions about Matt Leinart's future, and when not lavishing praise on Warner, Whisenhunt offered this:

Matt Leinart might get some playing time in a future lopsided game, Whisenhunt indicated. But that didn't happen on Sunday because, as the Cardinals were wrapping things up, they were in the midst of an 8-minute drive, Whisenhunt said.

"When you're in that process you're so wrapped up in that, and trying to be successful, you really don't think about that situation. Had it been a quick series," and the Cardinals had gotten the ball back, Leinart probably would have played.

"Then with three or four minutes left, I knew we were going to hand the ball off, so I didn't see any need to put Matt in the game just for a handoff."

That really can't do much for the ol' confidence, I'd think. Not only has Leinart lost his job to a 37-year-old, noodle-armed former grocery store clerk, but he can't even get on the field during blowouts. And if Warner signs an extension with the Cards, that could be the case next season, too.

Jay Cutler continues to be the best quarterback from the 2006 draft class, but at this points, he wins that honor by default.

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