ESPN Suspects Browns Fans Had Everything to Do With Brady Quinn Getting the Job

I can't see how this might turn out badly: according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Browns decided to benchDerek Anderson for Brady Quinn because, yes, the fans wanted it. Seriously.

Apparently, blowing a two-touchdown lead against the Ravens last Sunday, punctuated by an Anderson screen pass pick-six (don't see that everyday) pretty much cemented the demoralizing defeat and the 2007 Pro Bowler's fate.

Last night, Mortensen speculated that head coach Romeo Crennel may not have "been on board" with the switch because "receivers have been hurt, haven't been running routes correctly, been dropping passes," so on and so forth. And that actually makes sense given Crennel's "Anderson's our starter for now" comments on Monday afternoon.

Twenty-four hours later, however, Mr. Romeo is working from a new script. From today's presser:

"We needed a different dynamic on the offense so that's why I made that decision. Some of the things that had to do with it was our record, offensive ranking, offensive production, and so I made the decision to make the change. ...

It was just time [to go with Quinn] so I just did it. ... The thing about it is we're not throwing in the towel, we're not giving up on the season, we're going to beat Denver and that's what we're going to do."

Duly noted, Romeo. One question: how does benching Anderson make Braylon Edwards suddenly not drop every pass thrown to him?

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