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ESPN Jeremy Lin Headline Sparks Outrage

Headline was up less than two hours.



    Controversy Surround Jeremy Lin

    ESPN is in hot water because of a racial slur that was featured in an article on its website. The subject of the article was New York Knicks and former Palo Alto High basketball star Jeremy Lin. ESPN apologized, and says whomever is responsible will be disciplined. Meanwhile Lin's former high school basketball coach is flying to New York to watch his Lin compete against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday. (Published Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012)

     State Sen. Leland Yee criticized an ESPN headline that has caused a national furor as "racist."

      The sports network apologized for the headline "Chink in the Armor," which was used in a story about New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin, an Asian American. 

      Yee, D-San Francisco, compared the incident to racial slurs hurled at Jackie Robinson in 1947 when he became the first black player in major league baseball.

        "It is shocking that in 2012, Jeremy Lin's meteoric rise in the NBA is accompanied by the same offensive comments and slurs," Yee said. "It is even more disturbing when such racism is promoted by our nation's leading sports network."

      "ESPN should be ashamed and must do more than just apologize in addressing this unacceptable act," Yee said.