3 and Out: T.O., Warner and Manny

1. The Dallas Cowboys cut Terrell Owens

No reason to keep him.  He has diminished skills and he's a major distraction in the locker room. Who needs the weekly distraction?

Sure, he's one of the top receivers of his generation, but going into the '09 season, I wouldn't want him on my team.

There's no chance the Chargers have any interest.  No chance at all.  Really,.where do you see him going?  Maybe Oakland.

2. Kurt Warner Is Staying Put in Arizona. 

Why not?  Even if the Cardinals can't work something out with Anquan Boldin, it's still the best place for him. 

His contract is a jaw dropper.  Two years, $23 million, with $19 million of it guaranteed. 

I remember when Dan Fouts was looking for $1 million a season.  Fans were in an uproar.  Even fans who loved the guy were saying no football player should make that kind of money.

3. Speaking of Money: Manny Got His

The Dodgers worked out a good deal.  Manny Ramirez makes them an instant pennant contender   (Sure, they need more pitching.)  

Manny got $45 million over two years.  He can opt out after the first year of the deal, which is great for the Dodgers.  It will keep Manny connected.  

I'll never forget how he tanked in Boston when he was trying to get traded.  Unforgivable.

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