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Primary's Big Power Shift

Southern California may have all the people, but we just got all the political power



    Primary's Big Power Shift

    Did you feel the shift overnight?  The election results made the it close to palpable as the balance of power in the California tipped heavily to the north.

    It was like a political earthquake in the 5.0 range that was seismically centered here in the Bay Area.

    Come November, we will almost certainly have a governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and two senators all who have a hometown here in the Bay Area.

    And it doesn't matter if Jerry Brown beats Meg Whitman or if Carly Fiorina beats Barbara BoxerThe above offices will be held by people who call the Bay Area home.

    How this geographic news will affect our pocketbooks and the gridlock in Sacramento is still to be seen, but in some ways politics is like real estate: It's about location, location, location.

    NorCal vs SoCal was not the only power shift.  Tuesday night was also ladies night in the Golden State. Whitman and Fiorina easily beat their male competitors.

    "Career politicians in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., be warned,'" Whitman told her supporters during her acceptance speech. "You now face your worst nightmare -- two businesswomen from the real world who know how to create jobs, balance budgets and get things done."

    Fiorina and Boxer both showed early that they know how to get the fight on.

    "We must end the failure and disgrace of California being responsible for one out of every six unemployed Americans," Fiorina said. "Barbara Boxer's answer of rhetoric over reality stops now."

    Boxer punched back from Washington on Wednesday
    : "She even opposed a bill that gave a tax break to companies who hire the long-term unemployed. And of course, when she was the CEO before she got fired, she laid off more than 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to China, to India. She's got a great record on job creation in China and India and Europe, but not in America."