Man Robbed 91-Year-Old Liquor Store Owner on Her Birthday

Police in Connecticut are looking for the masked man who threatened the 91-year-old owner of Windsor's Central Package Store at knifepoint on her birthday, then robbed her store.

The store's owner, Sophie Griskewicz, told police responding to a report of an armed robbery late Saturday afternoon that the robber came in as she was stocking a cooler.

"It was a guy. I guess he had a Halloween mask on with whiskers or something on it and said, 'Hey grandma, open up the register and give me the money." Sophie's son, Joe Griskewicz, said.

Joe Griskewicz had gone into the store to wish his mother a happy birthday and had left just moments before the robber arrived, he said.

"As soon as I got home, my son calls and says. 'Grandma just got robbed,'" Joe Griskewicz said.

The robber, who was a holding what looked like a plastic gray knife, told Sophie Griskewicz he wanted the money and directed her to the back of the counter, police said.

The man then opened the “old-style register,” took the money that was inside it, grabbed several bottles of Jack Daniels Whiskey and ran out of the store, police said.

Sophie Griskewicz told police the man went toward the back of the building and Welch Park, but she lost sight of him there.

A K9 tracking dog was brought in, but did not find anyone. 

The robber was slim and around 5-feet-10. He was wearing blue jeans, a dark grayish hooded
sweatshirt and what appeared to be a black and white stripped mask, police said.

His knife had ridges that had no shine to it, police said.

Police believe the man ran to a dark vehicle that was waiting.

Sophie, who has worked the counter of the store for 40 years, was back at work on Monday.

"The fact that he didn't hurt my mother, I'm glad. That's the only thing I'm happy for, but I do hope they catch him," Joe Griskewicz said. "Just thank God that she's OK, and she's one tough woman. She's one tough woman."

As police search for the robber, the family is upgrading the security.

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