Jerry Brown Looking Out for the Little Guy

Gov. Jerry Brown issued some vetoes on Wednesday that showed a strong inclination to look out for the little guy.

He vetoed an attempt to raise fines on drivers who use cell phones.

Why? The higher fines would be too much for regular people.

"For people of ordinary means, current fines and penalty assessments should be sufficient deterrent."

He vetoed a bill requiring siganture gatherers to wear signs indicating they are paid.

Why? It would be a burden on them -- and the right of anyone to petition the government as they wish.

He let a bill that allows Santa Barbara County to add its own financial penalties to crimes as a way to fund certain programs, but not without a note that people who commit crimes can't be asked to bear too many costs of funding items that should be supported broadly by the public.

This blog has been critical of Brown for not tackling the state's big problems. But his vetoes and bill-signings suggest this governor does seem to be thinking hard about protecting the little guy.

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