How to Host The Perfect BBQ

Yes, perfect, it is possible, and here is how

Do you want to host the perfect summer barbecue this year? Yes, perfect, it is possible, and here is how:

1. Lighten up the mood with your own self-serve bar, filled with the best juices, wines, and beers you can find. It doesn’t have to be too special, you can set it up on a table or ledge that you already own. If you’re not sure what to get, there is canned wine. And it’s not your momma’s canned vegetables, that’s for sure.

2. Get yourself some nice décor from World Market to set the parties’ tone. Something like a cool lantern will really impress your guests!

3. Gourmet sauces, ketchup, and mustard can go in your food station, as they are sure to make things tastier as well. You can even decorate your hot dogs in tray liners to make them more festive. After the guests have eaten their main course, you can bring out the ice cream!

4. Upgrade your towel game with a good-quality towel. Laguna Beach Textile Company sells cabana and roundie towels that are 50% more absorbent than the average towel. And you can be sure these towels are the real deal, because the company's founder was once a cabana boy at the Laguna Beach Montage Hotel.

5. Designer inflatables are another great way to liven up your summer barbecue. You can get inflatable pools for adults, inflatable coolers, and inflatable balls filled with confetti. But don’t jump in without putting on your Belli Pure Radiance sunscreen, which is allergy-free and made with cucumber and tea tree.

6. After you have spent your day busy at your perfect barbecue, hydrate with Szent Water, a fun and tasty way to drink H2O with bottles with rings around the caps, making water taste like the scent you smell. The product comes in four flavors; Passion Fruit, Mint, Pineapple and Tangerine.

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