Google+ Makes Google Worth $20 Billion More

Wall Street has decided that Google+ is a success and added around $20 billion to Google's value, according to its stock prices.

So somewhere between the launch of Google+ on June 27 and July 7, stock price soared from $482.80 to $546.60, according to TechCrunch. (As of 9 a.m. Monday morning, the price is $529.91 a share.) That's a boost of $20.6 billion.

Not all news is good news, because investment banker Morgan Stanley decided to downgrade Google on Friday because it felt Google is laying out too much money  on Google+ without plans on how the tech giant will make a profit, according to the Associated Press.

To me, it's interesting how investment bankers are warning investors about an established tech company with a solid background, yet decided that Zynga, a company that creates social games on Facebook, should be valued at $20 billion. Wall Street makes money on trades and gambles, not steady companies with small but dependable growth. So while seeing that Wall Street views Google+ as a valuable commodity may be reassuring, it should not be the only measure of success.

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