Google Glass Starts to Appear

In case you haven't seen Twitter, Facebook or Google+ lately, the Google Glass prototypes have been delivered and owners can't wait to show them off in self-portraits.

There have been numerous tweets and breathless blogposts about Google Glass, voice-activated glasses that connect to the Internet and can take photos and videos, according to the Guardian. But nothing seems to make it clearer than the number of "selfies," or pictures users take of themselves, plastered all over social media, according to the Atlantic.

Perusing Instagram and Hashgram, there were a lot of photos, likely because the device itself can take pictures or photos. Others using #throughglass posted photos taken by Google Glass which varied from cloudy to clear -- but seriously, one was of a urinal,  so who really wanted that to be clear? 

Already a bar in Seattle has banned the glasses and we're sure others will fear for their sense of privacy which can be invaded as easily as someone looking at another person. Soon we will all have our chance to test out the wearable computer accessories when the first Google Glass non-prototypes go on sale next year. 

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