For the first time in 5 years, all LA County pools are open for summer

The extended pool season kicks off with more than doubled lifeguards

All LA County pools are now open six days a week with access to all aquatic facilities, the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation announced this week.

This reopening marks the first time in five years that all pools will be operational as it also opens up the long-waited access to a potential cooling space for many communities.

Also as a first, the pool season is now extended from 10 weeks to five months. In the previous years, LA County pools shut down at the end of August while some of the city’s hottest days come in September and October. 

LA County is starting the new pool season with over 580 lifeguards after a lifeguard shortage the county experienced in 2023, which forced county-run swimming pools to cut operating hours.

An upped salary likely helped the recruiting process. The starting lifeguards, hired from local communities, would be paid $23 an hour, as Norma García-Gonzalez, Head of the Department of Parks and Recreation announced on Friday.

 “Our lifeguards are making sure that our programs are thriving, kids are safe, but they're also earning wages for their college and their future,” García-Gonzalez said. 

To celebrate the reopening, a series of pool parties are also hosted at all pools through June 22, welcoming visitors to enjoy free recreational swimming, games, food and giveaways.

The county said with over a million visits expected this summer, a variety of affordable aquatics programs like swimming lessons will be offered at the pools at a rate of $25, including cost of uniforms. 

To view more information about pool parties locations, aquatic programs and operational hours, click here.

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