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Wrong-Way Pickup Truck Driver Slams Into Car on Freeway in Chaotic South LA Chase

The pickup pursuit came to an end after the driver crashed into at least two vehicles in a chaotic pursuit in a South LA neighborhood

NBC Los Angeles

A speeding pickup truck driver traveling the wrong way on a freeway slammed head-on into a car late Friday morning during a pursuit that wound through South Los Angeles neighborhood.

The chase began after a report of a stolen vehicle.

The pickup was in the Pomona area before exiting from the freeway and onto streets in the South Los Angeles area, where a series of harrowing moments unfolded. The driver of the Chevy was traveling at high speeds through business districts and residential areas, at times on the wrong side of the street and on sidewalks. 

The driver hit a spike strip and skidded to a brief stop, but continued in the same neighborhood before entering the 110 Freeway. The pickup was speeding the wrong way when it crashed head-on into a car near an entrance ramp.

Details about injuries were not immediately available, but paramedics were called to the scene.

The driver was boxed in behind another pickup truck on a narrow street, but rammed into the rear of the vehicle, leaving behind a cloud of tire smokes from its spinning rear wheels. Moments later, a rear tire shredded off its rim.

At some point, someone threw an object at the pickup, leaving an orange splatter pattern on the windshield. It's not clear what was thrown at the pickup.

The chase ended when the driver, wearing a cowboy hat, and passenger ran from the car in the residential area. They were immediately chased down by officers and taken into custody.

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