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Woman Who Ran Marathons Wearing a Tutu Has Died After Battle With Brain Cancer

A San Diego woman who ran more than 20 marathons and was known for running in a tutu has died.

Monika Allen, 38, a Golden Hills resident, died Friday after a battle with brain cancer. She leaves behind a baby girl and a husband.

NBC 7 first spoke with Allen in 2014 after she was featured in SELF magazine.

At the time, Allen told us, the magazine had published a photo of her dressed as Wonder Woman and wearing a tutu while running the LA marathon. It was featured in the section called "The BS Meter" which snubbed outfit choices of women in races.

But the magazine has not been aware that Allen was running her first marathon after chemotherapy.

She had told NBC 7 she had made the tutu herself and it gave her motivation to run the marathon.

Allen sold tutus through her company Glam Runners to help young girls and individuals battling cancer.

Following the incident, Allen received dozens of messages of support.

The magazine apologized to Allen for the photo.

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