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With New Beer, Abnormal Brewery Serves San Diegans Chance to Donate to Ukraine

Abnormal Brewery has a new beer on tap, and customers who drink it will be buying more than just a drink

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Customers who quench their thirst with a new beer on tap from Abnormal Brewery in Rancho Bernardo will also be helping Ukraine soldiers and those displaced by the fighting.

They’re calling it Glory to the Heroes.  

“This one will be very citrusy, really dank and just real strong hop aromas on it,” Brew Master Jason Martin said.

It’s made with grains, hops and a team whose thoughts of the war in Ukraine are weighing heavy on their hearts.

“Women, children, innocent civilians all being affected and just feeling a bit powerless to do anything at all,” brewery owner Matt DeLoach said.

Not satisfied doing nothing, Deloach said the company is donating proceeds from the sale of the beer. If you preorder you can determine whether the donation goes to the Ukrainian troops, UNICEF or the Red Cross, according to Abnormal’s website.

The beer won’t hit the market until mid-April.

DeLoach said taking a new beer from conception to market takes two months. If you pre-order now, your donation will actually get to where it is going by the end of March.

As sad as the images on the Internet and television are, the name of the beer comes from a much more positive place.

“Just paying homage to the heroes, the everyday heroes that are standing up and saying, ‘No, this is our home,’ ” DeLoach said.

While they haven’t tasted it yet, patrons seem to like the idea.

“I think it is great. It’s a small thing we can do. We are sitting here after work having a beer in sunny San Diego, but ultimately, I think this really matters,” bar patron Andrei Dorobantu said.

“I think it is a wonderful idea, especially for someone a little younger. One of the best ways to donate is to do something I already love,” bar patron Alex York said.  

DeLoach said it’s hard to have expectations on something you’ve never done before but is satisfied, whether the beer raises $10 or $100,000, that the heart of Abnormal Brewery is in the right place.

Glory to Heroes will be brewed at the Rancho Bernardo brewery, where it will also be served. It will also be canned and distributed out of Los Angeles to many grocery stores.

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