Wild Meetings: Animals From Ramona-Based Sanctuary Crash Virtual Gatherings

The surprise appearance of King Wolf Animal Sanctuary's animals makes people on the other end of the virtual meetings laugh and smile

A goat from the King Wild Animal Sanctuary dons a dashing headband while making an appearance on a virtual meeting.
King Wolf Animal Sanctuary

It’s not your typical meeting when a goat or a pig crash your virtual gathering as a surprise, but that’s what one local animal sanctuary is doing to cheer people up as they work from home during these stressful times.

King Wolf Animal Sanctuary has so far brightened the days of nurses, classes, corporations, birthday parties, happy hours and more since it started its sweet service. The animals crash the meetings to surprise all attendants for a virtual gathering they’ll talk about for days to come.

“We have a lot of animals and we know they’re therapeutic and make people happy and smile,” said Lori DeProspo, who, along with her wife, Lauren Freiser, runs King Wolf Animal Sanctuary. “People are stressed and everyone’s worlds are kind of turned upside down so we wanted to offer what we had and make people’s days a little more exciting.”

DeProspo and Freiser began booking their service after they saw a rescue in Half Moon Bay advertise their “Goat-2-Meet” program, in which animals surprised people by showing up on their screens during virtual meetings. The two reached out to the rescue about two weeks ago to see how they could help since the popular service was in high demand and overbooked. Since then, the local sanctuary began taking its own meetings.

“People love them,” DeProspo told NBC 7. “They’re laughing and smiling and I’m not really able to see them since I’m holding a phone, but I get to see their reactions later on social media.”

People from across the country have booked DeProspo and Freiser’s animals for their meetings and so far, the sanctuary has scheduled appearances through April.

“We know people are going through tough times and have stress,” DeProspo said. “It’s just great to see how much joy our animals bring to people to make their day a little happier.”

Based in Ramona, the 14-acre, family-run, non-profit sanctuary houses about 50 animals that include horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, a cow, an alpaca and a wolf/dog hybrid.

Lori DeProspo and Lauren Freiser pose with Wolfie, the King Wolf Animal Sanctuary's wolf/dog hybrid.

Before the pandemic triggered stay-at-home orders, King Wolf Animal Sanctuary hosted Airbnb experiences and other events to fund itself. Now that people have been ordered to stay home, the animal sanctuary accepts donations for the meetings in order to continue supporting its animals.

King Wolf Animal Sanctuary is accepting appointments to feature its animals in virtual meetings. To schedule an appointment, you can email them here.

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