Student, 15, Accused of Making Threatening Remark at West Hills High School in Santee

Investigators with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said the student's alleged remark was overheard by fellow students in class at West Hills High School Monday morning

A 15-year-old student at West Hills High School in Santee was investigated Monday after allegedly making a comment in class – overheard by other students – referencing a possible act of violence at the campus.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the possible threat of violence made by the student Monday evening but said there was “no concern” that the threat was viable.

Meanwhile, West Hills principal Robin Ballarin sent a note home to students and parents Monday regarding the incident. In her note, Ballarin said a student and parent had been the ones who reached out to school administrators Monday to express concern about the potentially threatening remark.

The principal added: “This was swiftly and effectively dealt with by law enforcement. There is no concern at this time.”

“We want to assure you in our school community of our unwavering commitment to safety and our immediate, thorough, and proactive response,” Ballarin continued. “We are grateful to our students, staff, faculty, and parents who continue to alert and inform us when any information is of concern.”

SDSO Lt. Chris Steffen released a few more details Tuesday, saying the sheriff’s department and West Hills High School administrators were first made aware of the student’s remark at around 4:45 p.m. Monday – two hours after school had been dismissed for the day.

Steffen said the student’s remark had been heard by students at around 10:30 a.m.

The sheriff’s department echoed Ballarin’s note, saying the situation was “swiftly” handled by faculty, the School Resource Officer and local deputies.

According to officials, the student was identified but was not arrested. Again, Steffen said there was no threat to safety at the school.

The investigation is ongoing.

West Hills High School, located at 8756 Mast Blvd., serve students in grades nine to 12 and is part of the Grossmont Union High School District in San Diego’s East County. GUHSD campuses began their 2019-2020 school year two weeks ago.

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