Lakeside Streets Close Due to Flooding

Lemon Crest Drive is closed between Winter Gardens Boulevard and River View due to flooding in Lakeside, according to the San Diego County Department of Public Works. Spring Valley Quarry Road is also closed between State Route 125.

Neighbors say water is rushing own the street like a small river, and everyone is trying to protect their homes and cars.

Ken Hughes, who moved to Lemon Crest Drive 22 days ago, says the problem on his block is proper drainage.

Hughes says the rain water comes down the mountain in a stream and empties out onto his street.

In the last three weeks the Hughes have had significant flooding, from flooding in the garage to soil erosion on his property, which damaged his retaining walls. 

With the sandbags in his front property for three weeks, he can’t move his car through his own drive way.

"Every time a large vehicle passes through here it washes all the sandbags right down the driveway," Hughes tells NBC 7. "Unless the county, unless these guys are here, I'm in the middle of the pouring rain putting sandbags back up."

Road crews from the county have been extremely helpful throughout this stretch of rain, he says. Two weeks ago, when the flooding was really bad, crews worked about 35 hours straight to help pump out water and to keep the road closed.

Hughes says he's called the county to do something about the problem, but hasn't heard anything back. 

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