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Vet Tech Warns Pet Parents After Dog Ingests Meth, THC at Dog Beach

A local veterinary technician is sending a warning to pet owners after her dog ingested methamphetamine and marijuana at a popular dog park.

Eva Nielson said her dog ate the drugs in separate incidents at Dog Beach in Ocean Beach a few months ago. She’s since heard about similar incidents from clients at the clinic where she works and decided to try and spread the word.

She took a video of her 3-year-old-lab mix Noey frantically pacing and looking around the room as if she was paranoid a few hours after they visited the beach.

They were some of the first symptoms she noticed before finding out Noey had consumed methamphetamine.

"Circling and circling, panting, her eyes were as big as chihuahua's where they were blogging out her head,” Eva said.

Nielson, who works at the Mission Valley Pet Clinic, says an emergency room visit confirmed Noey did in fact consumed the drug.

"They were confident that she was going to make it but have seen other cases where dogs were too far gone,” she said.

Just a few months prior, Eva says Noey had a similar bout of strange symptoms after leaving Dog Beach. That time, she says doctors found THC in her system.

Now she’s warning pet owners to be careful of the areas surrounding the beach where she thinks Noey picked up the substances. That area is a trail area before the beach where people are often seen setting up camp in tents.

"It's a secure area where you can camp out in a tent, really can't be seen,” she said.

Thankfully, Noey is happy and healthy. Nielson says she just hopes no other pet owner will have to go through the same scare.

"Know the signs and symptoms, and avoid that area where the traveling people hang out,” she warned.

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