Vehicle of Interest Examined in Fatal Hit-and-Run

A man was found dead after it appears he was hit and dragged by a vehicle in Bay Terraces

Investigators are examining a vehicle of interest in a deadly hit-and-run crash that dragged the victim about 100 yards in Bay Terraces.

San Diego Police detectives say they are doing evidence testing on a semi-truck with a white trailer that may have been involved in the Tuesday night death. The side of the plum-colored cab reads Pedrin's Trucking, and there are not citations or criminal charges connected with the truck, according to the Sacramento DMV.

The trucking company declined to comment on the situation.

Police say a resident tipped them off about the vehicle.

A man was found dead in the middle of the Appian Drive and Woodman Street intersection after the crash Tuesday. Officials say based on evidence found at the scene and on the body, it appears the man was hit and then dragged by a vehicle.

One witness said he saw half a badly damaged body on the ground, speculating that it could not have been a regular car that caused it.

Wednesday evening, investigators asked the public for information about a red and silver tractor trailer that was seen in the area before the incident.

Police say no arrest has been made and they are not looking for the truck's driver.

The victim in the crash still has not been identified.

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