13th Marine Expeditionary Force Returns Home to Camp Pendleton

Marines were welcomed back from a seven-month deployment on the USS Boxer ARG.

Friends and family gathered at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton on Saturday to warmly greet the Marines, on the 13th Marine Expeditionary Force, returning from a seven-month deployment on the USS Boxer ARG.

"During the last seven months, the Boxer ARG / 13th MEU team has performed exceptionally, demonstrating the responsiveness and relevance of a forward-deployed amphibious force," said Col. Anthony Henderson, Commanding Officer of the 13th MEU, in a statement.

The Marines returned home on Saturday from a seven-month deployment to the Pacific and Middle East aboard the USS Boxer, according to a Marine representative.

"As we prepare to return to our families, friends and San Diego neighbors, I reflect proudly on the focus, dedication and teamwork demonstrated by every Marine and Sailor on this team," said Henderson.

While deployed, the 13th MEU worked on maritime security operations and participated in bilateral training exercises off the Korean Peninsula and Eager Lion in Jordan, said a Marine official. Both were major security cooperation events.

According to the Marines, the 13th MEU has conducted strikes against ISIL as part of Operation Inherent Resolve. They have also provided support to other coalition operations fighting Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in southern Yemen.

The Marines and Sailors greeted their spouses, parents, friends and babies with hugs, upon their return from deployment.

The BOXER Amphibious Ready Group, which operated with the 13th MEU, will return home on Monday, Sept. 12 at the Naval Base San Diego Pass & Decal.

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