Unusually Hot Weather Hampers Business

San Diego's high temperature hasn't dipped below 80 degrees for 13 straight days.

The month of July, normally the warmest month of the year for San Diego County, has had to compete with August so far as unusually high temperatures are hanging around. 

The heat may be loved by some but we found one business that says its bottom line depends on getting a break soon. 

“Normally, there’s a week where it’s too hot. We’ve had a month where it’s too hot and nobody’s coming outside,” Gabriel Marrujo said.

Marrujo and his sister own Por Favor Mexican Restaurant and Downtown Café in El Cajon.

He said lunchtime business is down 30 percent because no one can stand the heat on their outside patios.

“It’s definitely slowing us down, especially during the day. Nobody wants to come out here and sit in the sun,” said Marrujo who added about 70 percent of their tables are outside.

“At night, wintertime, we’re packed. You know, we don’t get a winter in El Cajon so we get that benefit,” he added. “We just have to suck it up sometimes.”

At the Lake Jennings Campground, the heat was welcome. 

“It’s a whole new environment. It’s just beautiful,” said Sandra Lawson as she pushed her granddaughters on the swings.

Temperatures in Lakeside hovered around 100 degrees throughout the week. However, Lawson said the weather is surprisingly ideal for camping in their RV (equipped with air conditioning).

“We do come out for like an hour outside and then we go back in until right before it gets dark and then we come back out,” she said.

On Friday, a record was set at Lindbergh Field where 87 degrees at noon replaced the former record of 85 degrees on this day. 

Warm ocean water and the strong high pressure over the Great Basin are creating warm nights and warm days respectively, according to the National Weather Service.

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