Man Killed in Crash With Underage Driver

The man killed during a crash with a car going the wrong way on Sea World Drive has been identified.

The Medical Examiner's office says 77-year-old James Cummins car collided with an SUV going in reverse early Thursday morning.

Investigators say Cummins died eight hours after the collision with an underaged driver.

Police shut down traffic on Mission Bay Drive to investigate the collision that caused his death.

The crash happened around 12:30 a.m. at West Mission Bay Drive near Seaworld.

A 15-year-old driver and his four underage female passengers inside an SUV collided with Cummin's vehicle, investigators said.

The teen was driving with a provisional license. Officers also found alcohol in the SUV, but that did not appear to be the cause of the crash.

"There was alcohol in the car ... driver [was] not drinking." said Lt. Dan Christman with the San Diego Police Department

Cummins had to be cut out of his vehicle.

He was then taken to the hospital with injuries, along with one of the girls in the SUV.

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