Trading Poppy for Saffron in Afghanistan

After the attacks on 9/11, many Americans have searched for ways to improve U.S. relations abroad and experience other cultures. 

Sgt. Major James McDowell with Spirit of America tells a story of how replacing poppy with saffron has made big difference for the U.S. peace mission in Afghanistan.
Through Spirit of America, many like McDowell are able to improve the conditions of Afghan villagers living in Kandahar by replacing the poppy cash crop with saffron.
The switch helps end the narco-terrorism cycle that plagues large areas in Afghanistan.
McDowell said it's important to reach out to the people because they are the ones who support the U.S. mission against terrorism.
“The Afghans are not attacking us," McDowell said. "It's the people who are trained in Madrassas in Pakistan and other foreign soldiers from Tjechnia and other places who are really the instigators there. The Afghans never have united against us. And if we do it right, we will be successful there, actually, fairly quickly.”
For more on Spirit of America, go to the organization's website.
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