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Top Reasons for Parking Citations in City of San Diego

NBC 7 looks at parking violations in the city of San Diego

From April 1 to Sept. 1, the city of San Diego issued 207,607 parking tickets within city limits, according to data obtained by NBC 7.

The top reasons for receiving parking tickets includes vehicles parked during street sweeping times, proper registration not displayed, expired and unpaid meter violations, red zone violations, and wheels not cramped to the curb.

The parking violations were provided after NBC 7 submitted a Public Records Request to the city. The city responded with the tickets from April through September, stating the City Treasurer’s Office does not store the data past four months.

According to the data, 44,164 tickets were for parking in areas during scheduled street sweeping, 40,521 tickets were written for not displaying current registration, 31,191 drivers were ticketed for parking in no-parking zones, 29,430 drivers received tickets for expired or unpaid meters, and 10,854 drivers were cited for parking in a red zone.

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And for some of those violations, the numbers increased when compared to the same time last year.

For example, parking enforcement officers wrote 23 percent more tickets during a four-month span this year than compared to last year, and there was a 26-percent increase in unpaid and expired tickets this year over the same time last year.

The city collected $31.4 million from parking citations from August 2018 to July 2019, the bulk of which is deposited into the city’s General Fund to pay for essential city services, according to city officials.

The vast majority of tickets were issued in downtown, uptown, as well as near the beaches.

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