Timeline: Sick Baby Rescue at Sea

March 20: Eric and Charlotte Kaufman set sail on a 36-foot sailboat the “Rebel Heart.” They left Mexico for Fatu Hiva with a 13 month-old baby and 3.5 year-old girl.

April 3: Family calls for help, reporting their youngest child, Lyra, was suffering from diarrhea, vomiting and a rash.

April 3: Four pararescuemen from the 129th Rescue Wing jumped into the Pacific Ocean and boarded the family’s sailboat located about 900 nautical miles off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

April 4: Guardsmen report that the baby received antibiotics and appeared to be responding well. Two HH 60G Pave Hawks helicopters and a Combat Shadow refueling tanker were placed on standby in case the child needed to be airlifted to a hospital on land.

April 4: Charlotte Kaufman’s brother James Moriset talked with NBC 7. While he was glad his niece would be okay, he said he believes the whole trip was nuts from the beginning.

April 4: When NBC 7 Facebook readers learned of the rescue, many were concerned for the child's safety. However there were many who questioned the parents' decision to make the journey.

April 5: San Diego-based USS Vandegrift was diverted to intercept the Rebel Heart. The ship reached the family’s sailboat by 4 p.m. and stayed within five miles while they developed a rescue plan.

April 6: USS Vandegrift sailors used an inflatable boat to bring the infant, family and the four pararescumen aboard the Navy ship. Navy officials told the family they could bring what they could carry and then sailors sunk the family’s boat.

April 6: In a statement issued from the Vandegrift, Eric and Charlotte Kaufman defended their decision to sail with two children under the age of 4.

April 7: The Navy ship sets sail for San Diego where the family said they would have the baby seen by their family physician.

April 7: Eric Kaufman posted a message via social media promising to answer questions “after we catch our breath.”

April 7: Officials with the Navy and the California Air National Guard say they do not plan to seek repayment for their rescue efforts.

April 8: The New York times publishes a front page article chronicling the national debate over whether the Kaufmans were responsible in their decision to launch such a trip.

April 8: Relatives report an online fundraiser campaign set up by supporters and friends of the Kaufman family has raised nearly $12,500 for the family in just four days, exceeding its original goal of $10,000.

April 9: Lyra Kaufman and her family safely arrived in San Diego when USS Vandegrift docked at NAS North Island around 10 a.m.

April 9: California Air National Guard official said the parents "did everything right" once they realized the seriousness of the situation.

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