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Thousands Rally in Support of President-elect Joe Biden, Others Insist Election Isn't Over

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris make history

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San Diegans have been celebrating the monumental moment for President-elect Joe Biden and the first-ever female Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris. But some President Trump supporters pushed back and insisted the election isn’t over.

Biden supporters chanted, cheered and honked their horns loudly all day long across the country.

“This is the best thing that 2020 could have given us,” said Michelle Smith, who was celebrating in Hillcrest Saturday night.

Cars were seen bumper-to-bumper, as far as the eye could see, down University Avenue.

“I feel really good that everyone is coming together celebrating,” said Jocelyn Garcia, visiting from Phoenix, AZ.

Ruth Wang said she heard honking from University Ave. all day long and decided to join in on the celebrations to commemorate a historical victory.

“This morning when I was reading the news, there were tears in my eyes. I remember four years ago feeling like I voted for the first woman president and finally now I voted for the first female Vice President,” Wang said.

Some Biden supporters said they felt hopeful after hearing the President-elect's victory speech Saturday night.

“(Work toward) dismantling systematic racism,” said Smith. And “(instilling) respect for all Americans,” said Jesse Jokerst, of Hillcrest.

“We need a lot more progress, but this is a really good first step in the right direction,” added Garcia.

 Earlier in the day there was a different rally at Waterfront Park near downtown.

“We’re here to support Trump, the best president there’s ever been,” said Mike D., a local supporter of President Donald Trump. “They obviously reported that Biden won today. We don’t think that’s the case. We’re going to see them in court and we’re going to take it back.”

There were also a handful of Biden supporters rallying across the street from Trump supporters at Waterfront Park.

The Republican Party of San Diego released the following statement:

"The election for president will be over when results are duly certified, not when media conglomerates decide. we stand with president trump in using every legal avenue to ensure all legitimate votes are counted so that the American people can have confidence in their elections."

-Tony Krvaric, Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego county

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