The Drought is Over (in Parts of Northern California)

The drought no longer exists, at least in parts of California.

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, which releases the Drought Monitor each week, just over 18 percent of the state is no longer in drought. The drought-free area is in Northern California and includes Crescent City, Eureka and Redding.

Central and Southern California remain in extreme or exceptional drought, while other areas in the interior portion of the state are in the process of recovery.

The Drought Monitor gathers data each Tuesday and the analysis of the data is released each Thursday. (See colored map above.)

  • Areas in white have no drought at all.
  • Areas in yellow are abnormally “dry,” but not in drought.
  • Areas in tan are in moderate drought.
  • Areas in orange are in severe drought.
  • Areas in red are in extreme drought.
  • Areas in burgundy are in exceptional drought.

NBC San Diego’s Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh is optimistic the state will continue to improve, at least for now.

“Over the next five days, several Pacific storm systems are expected to move into the State,” Kodesh said. “And we’re talking heavy, prolonged rain, in parts that really need it.”

Kodesh said a plume of moisture laden air, or atmospheric river, is expected to surge into the northern and central parts of the state, Saturday, through Monday. Several inches of additional rainfall are possible.

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