TGI Friday's Robbery Victims Outsmart Gunman

A husband and wife team outsmarted a robber at a La Jolla restaurant overnight according to San Diego Police.

The couple was cleaning the TGI Friday’s on Villa La Jolla just after 3 a.m. when they were held at gunpoint.

When the husband walked outside to grab a mop, a man held a gun to the worker’s head and followed him into the restaurant.

There, the would-be robber held three people at gunpoint.

The husband suddenly announced he wasn’t feeling well and needed to get his medication from the car.

So the suspect allowed the man’s wife to get the medicine from the truck in the parking lot outside the restaurant.

That’s when the woman drove the car to a nearby pharmacy to call for help.

“It was pretty smart of him to do that just to get somebody to get outside and call for help,” said SDPD Lt. Steve Hutchinson.

San Diego Police arrived and set up a perimeter around the store. Officers searched but did not find the gunman.

He stole one cell phone and other tools from the cleaning crew.

The restaurant was closed at the time of the robbery.

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